The Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation Created

OCT 1, 2009

The Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation was created in mid-2009 to be a resource for Woodrow Wilson High School, the elementary schools and middle school in the feeder pattern, and other individuals and causes that are closely connected to the Woodrow community. After several months of work, the Foundation has been registered with the Internal Revenue Service and anticipates receiving 501(c)(3) status within a few months. According to Foundation president Richard H. Vitale, “For all practical purposes, the Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation is now up and running.”

Vitale adds that depository accounts and merchant processing for accepting credit cards have been established. “Our intent was to make it as easy and transparent as possible for individuals and organizations to donate to the Foundation,” explains Vitale. Foundation members are planning a major support and fundraising campaign to kick off within a few months.

The Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation is not to be confused with the Woodrow Wilson Alumni Association, another separate 501(c)(3) organization, although the two entities are closely related. “Three of the six board members on the Foundation are Woodrow alumni,” says Vitale, “but the scope of our mission extends beyond the high school and into the wider Woodrow-related community.”

Vitale is joined on the board with fellow alumni D. Paul Dalton and Gary E. Griffith. Mr. Dalton is the current president of the Woodrow Wilson Alumni Association. Community members on the board include R. Bradley Fletcher, Emily L. Martin, and Susan R. Schuerger. Ms. Schuerger is also the chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Community Council, a consortium of representatives from the feeder schools.

The idea of forming a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status to support Woodrow has been under discussion in the community for several years. “I think the prospect of implementing the International Baccalaureate Program at Woodrow was the instigating factor for creating the Foundation,” says Vitale. “We saw the importance of a strong organization to support fundraising for this cause and other causes going forward.”

For more information about Woodrow Wilson High School, contact Ruth Vail at 972-502-4400. For information about the Woodrow Wilson High School Community Foundation, contact Richard Vitale at 214-209-0334.

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The Woodrow Wilson Community Council includes representatives from PTAs, Early Childhood PTAs and Site Based Decision Making Committees serving the schools that form the feeder pattern for East Dallas' historic Woodrow Wilson High School. The Council is committed to working cooperatively to further the needs and goals of each group in the Woodrow community.